Crock Pot Potato and Ham Casserole With Cheese

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Everyone loves easy dinner ideas, especially on those nights when you can't think of anything to make. Busy days are the perfect days to make casserole recipes like this crock pot potato and ham casserole with cheese. This recipe is even better because it's not only a delicious and easy casserole recipe, she also makes it in a crock pot making it even easier. This casserole recipe, like most casserole recipes, is the perfect comfort food. With layers of creamy potatoes, ham and cheese, you'll love every bite. Kids will love it too which is a big deal if you have a family to feed. It's also very affordable, and you could use leftover ham to make it. So it's a great way to use up leftovers instead of them going to waste. Diana from The Spruce Eats shares this and other easy dinner ideas with us to make our lives so much easier. You can find all sorts of casserole recipes and other recipes on The Spruce Eats website too. Peruse through their lists of recipes for dinner, breakfast, lunch and some dessert for later too. Casserole recipes like this one, are some of the easiest recipes since they are so simple to put together and they include items that are very easy to obtain at the grocery store, or you may even have them in your own pantry already. Casserole recipes became very popular in the 1950s when premade, and packaged food items were starting to be available. It made it easy for people to make a delicious meal for their families without much fuss.

All you need for this simple, delicious recipe is some potatoes, ham, onion, cheddar cheese, condensed cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup and milk. The recipe cooks for about 3.5 to 4 hours in your crock pot, so you could put it on while you're at work or doing something else around the house, and then dinner will be ready to eat when everyone is home and ready for dinner. You can use sharp or mild cheddar; even cheddar jack cheese will work. For the ham, as mentioned before you could use leftover ham if you have it around, or you could buy ham slices from the deli, or chop up some cooked ham into small pieces. Whenever you're buying meat or animal products like dairy or eggs, always try and buy organic products from pasture-raised farms. You can also check the labels of the meat to see if there are no hormones or antibiotics used on the animals. Pasture-raised animals are also usually fed better, more wholesome diets as well instead of soy meal which makes them end up having a high-fat content. More importantly, the animals on pasture-raised farms are also treated so much better than in factory farm settings. They are able to live freely instead of crammed into small confined areas.

Potatoes are one of the vegetables you'll want to buy organic as well because they are on the Dirty Dozen list from the Environmental Working Group who analyzes the pesticide and chemical contents in fruits and vegetables. Then, they make a list of the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen. The Clean Fifteen fruits and vegetables are safe to eat non-organic since they came back with little to no chemicals on them. The fruits and vegetables that had a pesticide residue including potatoes are better to buy organic to avoid consuming harmful chemicals. This potato casserole dish would be great served with a healthy salad or some steamed broccoli to add some green vegetables for a balanced meal. You could even add some broccoli or peas to the casserole if you wanted to experiment.***

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