Crock Pot Stuffed Green Peppers

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These Crock Pot Stuffed Green Peppers might take a little bit of time to put together, but once they are prepared, they get set in the crock pot to cook and simmer on their own. The result? A wonderful combination of sweet and savory peppers and meat that is wonderfully seasoned and ready to eat when you and your family are. The recipe uses some terrific ingredients that ensure a well balanced meal full of goodness that you will be glad to serve your family. So try this dish out when you have a bit of time to get the ingredients together for the crock pot.

This recipe suggests that you can omit the rice if you use cauliflower, but think about leaving it in, even if you also want to add cauliflower. Use brown rice, if you can. It will increase the nutrient value for this dish as well as provide more fiber to it. Together the meat and rice provide great complementary proteins for this dish, especially if you use brown rice. And cauliflower is a vegetable that, like its relatives kale and broccoli, provides special nutrients that may be hard to find in other foods. Cauliflower has been linked to cancer prevention because of its support for the body’s detox system, anti-oxidant support as well as anti-inflammatory system. So eat your cauliflower (or broccoli or kale).

These peppers are pretty to serve, too, since you stuff them full of meat, rice and veggies among other ingredients, let them cook, and then serve them in the pepper (where they also cook in the crock pot). It is always fun to have food served inside a shell of vegetables or pasta, as here. It is also a delicious dish that will become one your family asks for often. Try it soon.

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