Crockpot Brown Sugar Ham Recipe

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This crock pot food idea is easy to make and a recipe you are sure to try again. The cloves in the recipe add an amazing smoky flavor, and the brown sugar and honey make it sweet, but not too sweet. This crock pot recipe is so easy to make, you just add everything to your crockpot, turn the crock pot on, and dinner is done. This is a great recipe for those busy days when you don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. It's a food idea that doesn’t take up space in your oven, so you can use it to cook other holiday side dishes and recipe ideas. For this crock pot recipe, you want to stick to a ham that is below six to eight pounds. The ingredients you will need for this gluten free recipe include a six to eight-pound semi-boneless ready to eat ham, whole cloves, unsalted butter, light brown sugar and honey. For the full recipe and ham food idea, you'll want to look at the New Leaf and Wellness site.

Ham is a popular food idea for holidays and Sunday dinner. Ham is a food idea that requires nearly no cooking, so most of the work lies in the choosing. For some that part of the recipe might be a bit confusing, especially if you haven't cooked a ham before. There are three main types of ham when you go to your grocery store. Ham comes from the back leg of the animal, and typically there are three ways that this cut of pork is usually treated. Fresh ham is the uncured leg of pork, and this cut must have fresh as part of its name. Fresh hams are the cut that mus have the same color and texture as a fresh uncooked pork roast and also must be cooked before eating. Cured ham is a leg of pork that can be cured in one of two ways either brined or cured with a dry rub and hung to dry. These types of hams are deep rose or pink in color and can be sold as ready-to-eat or may require cooking. You want to be sure to always check the label as hams that need to be cooked must be labeled accordingly with cooking instructions. Cured and smoked ham are the types of hams that are the same as cured hams with the additional step of smoking the ham.

Since the majority of hams that are sold are city hams and what is typically consumed around the holidays, you'll want to know some tips before you buy. If you are serving a ham as a main course, you will need between 1/3 to 1/2 of a pound of ham per person for bone-in hams. If you are buying boneless ham, you want to buy 1/4 to 1/3 a pound per person. When purchasing a bone in ham, this meat is usually more flavorful, and the hambone can later be used to flavor soups and stews. You always want to check the label, as city hams can be artificially plumped up with water or other solutions, but this dilutes the flavor, so it is best to look for a ham that has no added water or juices for your food ideas. The label should read ham, and not water added or ham with natural juices.

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