Crock-Pot Creamed Corn

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This recipe for Crock-Pot Creamed Corn will have you never buying commercial creamed corn ever again. Seriously. This recipe produces a sweet, rich, and thick creamed corn that you and your family will be gaga over, and that your kids will ask for over and over again. As usual, the crock pot makes the recipe as simple as it can get, and even your most amateur cook could put this dish for creamed corn together. Just read the ingredients, toss them in the pot, and let it cook. That is just about it. Easy peasy. The crock pot is an amazing invention that has made great cooks out of all of us.

Corn is a great food, and it offers a lot of fiber for our daily food plan. Most people do not realize, though, that corn is also a great source of protein. And, the blend of fiber and protein means that food is absorbed more evenly in to our bodies and that means corn can help even out the sugar absorption in to our blood stream, an important thing to have happening when we eat. As well, corn contains plenty of phenols that combat the free radicals that can cause us such harm. In fact, research is showing us more and more that corn is actually action packed with anti-oxidants that contribute to our good health; at least eight different ones have been identified in current research. In addition, corn is loaded with vitamins and minerals including phosphorus, niacin, manganese and vitamin B6, among plenty of other B vitamins.

This recipe also contains cheese, which bumps up the nutrition even more, adding more protein, calcium and magnesium to this great little side dish. Cream cheese is a wonderful cheese to use in various dishes because it blends easily, melts quickly and gives a lovely, and light tang to whatever food it is added in to. Corn is a great food, and considered a staple in many countries around the world. Enjoy yours tonight with this dish for creamed corn.

Nutrition Facts for: Crock-Pot Creamed Corn From Barefeet In The Kitchen
Ingredients: Frozen corn, cream cheese, heavy cream, butter, sugar, ground black pepper, kosher salt.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 707, Calories from Fat 222, Total Fat 24.7g 38%, Saturated Fat 12.2g 61%, Cholesterol 53mg 18%, Sodium 292mg 12%, Potassium 1705mg 49%, Carbohydrates 120.0g 40%, Dietary Fiber 16.8g 67%, Sugars 23.1g, Protein 22.3g, Vitamin A 13%, Vitamin C 54%, Calcium 3%, Iron 91%

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