Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken

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Try this fun and very kid friendly Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken recipe, and see just how easy it is to make this dish at home. We often stop at the local grocery store to pick up commercial garlic chicken, but this honey garlic chicken recipe may change your mind about ever buying this stuff from the store again. This garlic chicken recipe is just so quick and easy, and it cooks in a pot, quick and easy with no fuss or muss. This crockpot honey garlic chicken recipe uses chicken thighs, so that will make this dish even cheaper and more affordable than if you had made the chicken recipe with white meat. And this chicken recipe will taste just as delicious, too.

A crockpot is an easy way to cook, and almost always ensures a pretty perfect meal. In the past, crockpots and slow cookers were mostly used to cook meat dishes (and chicken and fish and so on) and over time have come to be used to cook just about any thing else you can think of, including both savory and sweet dishes. The crockpot, and the slow cooker, which are one and the same kitchen implement, are a great device. They were made in imitation of how Jewish housewives prepared their meals for the Sabbath. For the Sabbath, no one is allowed to do any kind or manner of work, and that includes cooking or preparing a meal. In fact, even the ovens have to be turned off, and when ovens were run on wood and coal, that meant allowing the oven to cool down and not putting more wood or coal on the fire to keep the oven hot. As the oven cooled during the night, housewives would place their food for the next day, the Sabbath day, in and around the oven and allow the food to cook very slowly as the oven cooled during the night. Thus, the concept of the crockpot was born. But it was not until the early 20th century that a person observed this practice and developed a counter top version of the practice, the crockpot. Even today, about one hundred years after the earliest crockpots were developed, the kitchen implement is made pretty much the same way, and works according to the same process.

This garlic chicken recipe is a quick and easy way to make the special snack (or even dinner) that we all so love. Is anything tastier than licking your fingers on honey garlic chicken? That blend of sweet and savory as well as a little bit spicy is just about the perfect blend of food. And chicken picks up on that flavor perfectly. Enjoy this!

Nutrition Facts for: Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken From 4 Sons 'R' Us
Ingredients: Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, garlic cloves, honey, ketchup, soy sauce, dried oregano, fresh parsley, toasted sesame seeds.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 306, Calories from Fat 63, Total Fat 7.0g 11%, Saturated Fat 1.8g 9%, Cholesterol 76mg 25%, Sodium 2207mg 92%, Potassium 436mg 12%, Carbohydrates 34.8g 12%, Dietary Fiber 0.7g 3%, Sugars 30.6g, Protein 27.7g, Vitamin A 10%, Vitamin C 14%, Calcium 5%,Iron 13%

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