Crockpot Meatballs

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This might be the ultimate comfort meal and an easy meatball recipe. Meatballs cooked over a long time period in a slow cooker. Does it get any better? The fact that you can put the ingredients, only three of them, into the crockpot and turn on the heat and walk away should already be getting you excited. Krystle does not use homemade meatballs but that is okay. The fact that frozen meatballs are used will definitely cut down on the prep time but there are great-premade meatballs in the supermarket so you should be okay. You can always make a large batch of homemade meatballs and freeze them since they do freeze well and can be added to many different recipes. This specific recipe from Krystle makes a great comfort meal.

With only 3 ingredients this qualifies for an easy meatball recipe. Slow cookers are one of the greatest inventions for cooking in the last century. They make cooking easy and convenient. The fact that you can throw the ingredients into the slow cooker and then step away for the time it takes to cook is a great thing. These days if you work then making a home meal can be very difficult especially if you are feeding a family. Slow cookers make it easier to manage. Meatballs are little round mounds of meaty goodness. You can make them from any meat your heart desires. They can be added to sauces, added to sandwiches and as this one could be slow cooked and mixed with grape jelly and a wonderful sauce. The limitless variety of ways to add your favorite ingredients while also having a great selection in cooking methods make meatballs a treasure to cook and add your own touch to. You can bake them, sauté them, boil, and yes even barbeque them. If you take your favorite meatball recipe you can always add your own secret ingredient and your favorite technique to cook them and make the meatball your own recipe that can be added to your personal recipe repertoire.

This recipe from Krystle blends grape jelly into the mix. If you have never tried it then you are in for a treat. Sweet and sour meatballs is not a new thing since they have been in recipes for many years and many different cultures make some form of them. They might not always be meatballs but meats have been cooked in a savory and sweet sauce for many generations. The beauty of recipes that call for a sweet and savory mix is in the fact that your taste buds are treated to a symphony of different flavors. This is a good thing and if done right will be your choice for many different recipes that call for meat or even fish. If you are a vegetarian don’t feel bad because any recipe you find with meat can easily be changed to a veggie only dish.Thanks to Krystle of Baking Beauty Blog for this yummy Crockpot Meatballs Recipe that gives our taste buds a treat and bon apetit.

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Nutrition Facts of Crockpot Meatballs by Baking Beauty
Ingredients: Chili sauce, grape jelly, worcestershire sauce, frozen meatballs.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 16 servings *Per Serving: Calories 247, Calories from Fat 155, Total Fat 17.2g (26%), Saturated Fat 7.0g (35%), Cholesterol 45mg (15%), Sodium 1685mg (70%), Potassium 61mg (2%), Carbohydrates 8.1g (3%), Dietary Fiber 2.1g (8%), Sugars 2.9g, Protein 14.2g, Vitamin A 1%, Vitamin C 53%, Calcium 4%, Iron 9%

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