Crockpot Pork Chops with Vegetables

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Crockpot Barbeque Pork Chops with Potatoes Carrots and Onions is a great mix of veggies and meat that provides you and your family with a delicious dinner and one that is well balanced, too. Some times it is the simplest meals that not only taste the best, but also offer your family a terrific nutritional meal. That is the case with this dinner. And this dinner is made in a crock pot, which has two advantages. First, it is easy to toss your food in to this pot, and then leave it to cook a few hours. You do nothing, but smell the yumminess percolating through the air. Second, crock pot meals almost never go wrong. They produce juicy, tender meat, perfect veggies, and a sauce, whatever you put in to make it, to die for.

Some times we turn our noses up at the simple foods, like carrots, onions and potatoes, the veggies used in this dinner. But these unassuming foods pack a lot of nutrition that often rivals more expensive veggies (and ones that are more finicky). These veggies are very forgiving. It is hard to over cook a potato, and even under cooked, you can usually eat around the hard stuff (my family gobbles it up, no matter what). Carrots, cooked to any degree of softness, taste great, and they just get sweeter and juicier with more time in the crock. And onions are a food we should try and eat as often as possible in the winter months for their protective function for our good health. These humble little veggies pack vitamin C, K, beta-carotene, an important anti-oxidant, and even fiber if you keep the skin on your potatoes (and do; it is an important contributor to a good digestive tract).

Enjoy this dish soon. It is easy and quick to make, and pork is a nice change from beef.

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