Crunchy Dill Pickle Recipe

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Dill pickles were a part of my lunch for my entire high school days. Cheese and pickle sandwiches or pickles, cheese and crackers for an after school snack. Oh, did I say, these were always homemade pickles. The art of pickle making runs in our family. Passed down from my Grandmother (and probably hers), my aunties, mom and cousin are all master dill pickle makers.

We love to serve this yummy salt 'n' vinegar aged cucumber with turkey dishes, cheese or sometimes chopped up in a creamy potato salad. There are many recipes for homemade dill pickles and this one from 'Simply Canning' is worth a gander.

If you have never canned vegetables before you may find the process slightly daunting with all the boiling, equipment and possibility of 'botulism', I know I felt that way! But dill pickles are safer (less change of botulism) then some vegetables, and..back to the good stuff, they are just so yummy and crunchy and garlicky and salt and ..and.. and. {wink}. Okay, so I love dill pickles.

The 'Simply Canning' website link (below), where you will find the recipe, has a great section on canning safety which I highly recommend looking over before you start the process. Check out the section on 'unsafe canning methods' so that you also know actions to be careful of. I love their section saying ..... But my grandmother always did it this way Canning methods have come a long way since grandma's time. Yet, some canning methods are still being used that are not considered safe anymore. Don't risk it, leave it in the past."

For this yummy crunchy dill pickle recipe take a look at the 'Simply Canning' website link below.

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