Crunchy Ham Wraps

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This recipe is a great combination of veggies and meat that create these Crunchy Ham Wraps . They will make a great lunch dish, or serve them for a summer time supper. Coleslaw is the secret ingredient that adds punch and crunch to these ham wraps. The coleslaw mix used here is readily available at the grocery store. And the various vegetables used in this recipe make these wraps particularly good for you, as well as contribute lots of snap and crunch this dish.

First, the blend of coleslaw means a number of different types of cabbage are included here. They will provide plenty of crunch (thus, the recipe name) but cabbage also offers plenty of good nutrition that makes this vegetable a good one to include in your family’s regular food plan. Thinly sliced radishes are also part of this recipe. Be sure to slice them as thin as you can get them. They can be hot and will taste best if you have just a small amount with each bite of the wrap. Radishes are also a naturally cooling vegetable for the body, soothe sore throats and aid in digestion. So there are plenty of good reasons to add these veggies in to the wraps, too.

The sauce for this dish is included in the recipe. The wonderfully crunchy coleslaw blend, the pickles, radishes and other saucy and spicy ingredients will give these wraps a real flavor punch that you and your family will enjoy. They are not hard to make, and cheap, too. They make a great change from the usual sandwich for lunch, and will get fussy eaters interested in eating again. Bookmark this page and try these crunchy ham wraps soon.

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