Crunchy Sweet Chicken Salad Sandwich

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Our featured recipe is a Crunchy Sweet Chicken Salad Sandwich. Making a great sandwich for those school and work lunches is always a challenge. Deciding what to put in a sandwich that will offer good nutrition and flavor can be a challenge. This sandwich recipe may be a little too sophisticated for very young children unless they like lots of foods, but for tweens, teenagers, university students and people off to the office, this is a fantastic sandwich recipe. This is not to say that those 5-9-year-olds would not like this sandwich. Perhaps one would modify it with a few less ingredients. There are so many flavorful foods that go into this sandwich!

Featured from Valerie's Kitchen website is a sandwich filling that qualifies as a 'recipe' as this is more than throwing together two pieces of bread with a slice of cheese in the middle! The sandwich filling uses a rotisserie chicken, mayonnaise, cranberries, celery, broccoli slaw just to name SOME of the ingredients. We will let you discover the rest shortly.

This sandwich is so hearty, you will feel satisfied and it'll fuel your body for several hours. Blogger Valerie gives some great tips about getting children to eat more foods simply buy cutting them differently.

Broccoli Coleslaw has certainly found its spot in the cooler sections of the food stores along with the classic coleslaw mix. One can always opt to use a food processor and make their own coleslaws but the packaged coleslaws are quick and easy to use and when things are ready to go, they often mean the difference between eating a food or not.

Pre-packaged salad food is almost more popular than preparing the salad yourself. Many of them are organic and pre-washed and have great flavor.

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