Cuban Sliders

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Cuban Sliders, or sandwiches, first appeared in the USA in the late 19th century when travel from Cuba to the USA was pretty common. A lot of factory workers, especially to make cigars, came to the USA to work. As they came, so did their sandwich, called the Cuban slider.

These ones are made in a large pan and then sliced once they come out of the oven for easy serving. There is nothing quite like the flavor of sliders, and these ones blend the best ingredients including meat and cheese. If you have not yet tried sliders, make up a batch of these ones today for your family. They are hearty enough to serve for a light dinner, either solo or with a soup or salad, or to serve at lunch. Any way you serve them up, they are sure to become quick favorites for the family meal.

One reason that sliders might be so popular is that the cheese is melted. Whenever cheese gets melted, it somehow becomes a favorite thing to eat. It strings, it clings, it is so much fun to gobble down. And somehow food that is a bit messy and requires finger licking just tastes better. This is just one of those kinds of foods.

Some of the ingredients in sliders vary according to the region where they are made. For instance, in some Italian neighborhoods, salami has found its way in to the slider. For your first pass at making these terrific sandwiches, you may want to follow the recipe closely and pick up and use what is recommended for the classic dish. Later, though, as you get more adventurous, feel free to add your own twist and make it a special family tradition. Everyone can get in on the fun and try to come up a new version of this popular meal.

It is also a balanced food combining good sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Served with a great green salad, this lunch will meet the appetite needs of everyone in the household.

This is a sandwich that young hands can certainly help to make. It does go in to the oven, but not until all the ingredients are spread and placed. That is partly why it tastes so good. It is baked and crispy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. It cuts like a casserole, but eats like a sandwich.

Try it tonight, whether its an old favorite in your house or something new to check out.

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