Cucumber Dill Salad

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One of my favourite things about German cuisine are their pickled dishes. This cucumber dill salad is a mainstay of German delicatessens in New York City and, like many other German pickled salads, goes great with meat.

I am a big fan of litle side dishes. I think most good food cultures understand that the condiments and sides that you serve along side a dish can really add a whole new, subtle depth of texture and flavour fusion to something that, on it's own already good, really shines when coupled with something complimentary.

This recipe is dead easy, only requires 24 hours to jar and pickle and, not only will it turn out delicious and add some depth to those hot or cold summer meat dishes, it's great on it's own or with a sandwich, and pickling is always a fun little exercise.

Fresh dill is always preferable, even more so if you happen to grow it in a home garden, but dehydrated dill will still get the job done in delicious fashion. You will need to make sure that you slice the cucumbers very thin for this particular pickled salad and if you have a mandolin at your disposal, that would certainly ensure you get your cucumbers just right so that they pickle properly and end up at the desired consistency.

The recipe makes about 8 servings of the salad, but I already know how much of this kind of thing I can personally put away, so I would probably want to have quite a bit of it lying around over the course of the summer. I also thought this might be good, thrown into a blender on a very low speed and chopped up into more of a relish that I could put on a great, bit fresh off the barbecue hot dog. But, as always, it's entirely up to you.

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