Cucumber-Honeydew Salad with Feta

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Cucumber and honeydew melon come together in a sweet and refreshing combination in this cucumber-honeydew salad with feta from Better Homes and Gardens. This salad is a terrific summer blend of lightly sweet and water rich fruit and vegetables against the salty flavor of feta.

Cucumbers and melon are both members of the gourd family, so that is why many of their characteristics seem so similar even while their flavors are distinct. Cucumbers have the same rough and somewhat thick skin that peels to reveal a firm but juicy flesh. Depending on the hybrid, the cucumber may or may not have a seedy middle.

Melons are quite similar, of course, but their flesh is just a bit more tender and juicy, and it is sweeter. The center is also seedy, but whereas we remove the seeds from the heart of a melon and do not eat them, the seeds of a cucumber can be eaten.

Melons, cucumbers, and gourds, generally, offer plenty of great nutrition for your family in addition to being a refreshing food that offers lots of water on summer days. Most gourds are also rich in vitamins and minerals that you will be glad to see your family eating. Cucumber, especially, is known to contain polyphenols called lignans that contribute to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and various cancers. As well, cucumbers offer anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants to the diet. Melons are also rich in nutrients and a great food for summer.

This recipe combines the cucumber and melon to great a huge salad, big enough to serve up to 10 people, depending on appetite and what else is on the table. This salad is delicious by itself, served with chicken, red meat or fish as part of a dinner or a great lunch. Served with the cheese also makes it filling. A great slice of homemade bread could round off this salad for lunch. Why not try it today for your family?

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