Cute and adorable! These cabins are simply the best!

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The cabins at Tinywood Homes are small and adorable but have an environmentally friendly halo as well. These places provide all the necessities for living, like a kitchen, seating area, and bedroom, as well as everything you would need for a life of luxury including a hot tub and BBQ area. Each cabin is coated in Douglas Fir that is locally sourced. These cabins look perfect situated in nature amidst trees and will blend into the countryside. Another bonus is they are well insulated so that they are easy to heat or cool down. This eco building is the perfect option for anyone who is looking to save money or take care of the environment.

Tinywood Homes gives the option of both purchasing and renting their cabin designs. If you want to rent one of their mini homes, you can rent both the home and property its situated at any time of the year. If you decide to purchase one of their cabins as a house, you can set it up on your land. These small log cabins are such a quaint option for an easy-going family holiday if you rent from Tinywood. They are located in the U.K. and would be the perfect spot to stay if you and your family want to take day trips to Stratford-on-Avon or Warwick Castle. They have an easy booking form on their website where you can book your time and make a payment. Rental fees are affordable and vary depending on the days of the week or how many days you choose to stay. While small, these tiny homes are meant to provide everything you need for everyday living from a stove and kitchen sink to bedroom. After a day of site-seeing, you can retreat to your luxurious cabin for relaxation or a soak in the hot tub.

Small house living is becoming popular because it’s more affordable than other kinds of housing and allows you to pay attention to the things you enjoy. For these reasons, Tinywood Homes’ cute cabins are an excellent option for purchasing. You may be wondering about the tiny house cost, but they do vary depending on the size of the home and the kinds of rooms you get added on. These homes can include many different extras from a kitchen to furnishings or blinds. If you are considering small log cabins for your next home purchase but aren’t sure, it could be a good idea to try Tinywood’s rental options before making the plunge into tiny home ownership. Renting tiny homes before purchasing will allow you to determine what features work for you the best and which don’t.

Many tiny home owners require different kinds of storage or different sized rooms. Living in a tiny home, like these adorable cabins, for awhile will help you make the best choice for you. For more information on purchasing or renting from Tinywood Homes, check out their website. You will find a full list of cabins as well as the forms for booking.

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