Cute and Cozy 900 Sq Ft Log Cabin Kit

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There are so many cute log home plans and designs available these days, which makes it hard to choose just one. This cute and cozy 900 square foot cabin kit is featured on Stand Out Cabin Designs, a website operating out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Small log homes and cabins are an American and Canadian icon, but they weren't invented here. Log and wood cabins have been built as far back as ancient Roman times. Some of the first wood constructed buildings were built as multi-family units with several apartment-style housing options. When it comes to log houses, humans didn't see timber framed housing until the 1st century. Wood cabins and log houses were not built in North America until the 17th century; they have been built in Russia and Eastern Europe for centuries before that. The first people to build wood cabins and houses in the United States were the Swedish who used their time-honored methods of building to start a life for themselves in a new land. Not only were they building small log homes, but they also built log barns, churches, and other communal buildings. Trees were very accessible, so they have more than enough materials to build what they needed.

The Swedish then shared their love of log houses with the other European settlers who weren't aware of these innovative building methods. The English and the French began to employ the methods shared with them by the Swedish, and soon everyone was building log houses. Usually, small log homes were built first as a place to live while a larger log home was built. The small wood cabins would then be used as barns to house the farm animals that they kept on their homesteads. Can you imagine having to do all of the hard work of building a log house or cabin by hand? It's an extreme endeavor to take on and involves a lot of hard work. The logs need to be chopped down which is a process all in it's own right, finding the right log and then chopping it down, so it falls properly. The newly chopped logs have to be hauled back to the building site as well. Then, having to hand peel the bark off which is still one of the hardest parts of the log home building method and no building has even happened yet. The building process is very intricate and needs a lot of attention to detail, so the logs are cut properly to get a tight fit.

This probably makes you glad that there are cabin kit manufacturers who make it extremely easy to choose one of their stylish log home plans and designs and have the whole kit delivered to your site. The log home kit you see featured here is the Elk Tine log home floor plan. With 853 square feet of space and a beautiful design, this log home would be perfect for full-time use, or as a recreational cabin. There's one bedroom and a loft for sleeping up to three or four people. This log cabin design was created by Honka, one of the world's leading log cabin kit distributors.

They have been building thousands of log houses and cabins since 1958, and they are still going strong. On the Stand Out Cabin Designs website, they feature other log home plans and designs that they find attractive and feature their favorite companies. Another American company they feature on their website is Daniel Boone Log Homes from Nashville, Tennessee, and a Canadian company Big Foot Log & Timber Homes out of British Columbia. Have a look at some of these amazing log homes and get inspired.***

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