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This wood cabin is just one of the cabins you will find on the Green Garden Chicken site. This 12 foot by 16-foot wood cabin could be used as a guest cabin, an artist studio, writers retreat and more. All you have to do is insulate and finish the interior, and you have an excellent place for visiting guests to stay in. This wood cabin is available to be shipped in four weeks and requires some assembly. The wood cabin is a quality Amish built wood cabin handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA. This wood cabin price starts at $7,799.

On the Green Garden Chicken site, you will also find several solar and wind kits available to power up your off-grid house or wood cabin. You can also find optional off grid solar kits. One solar power kit you will find on the site is the all in one cabin kit with a 2000 watt inverter. The new all-in-one solar kit works for all of your off-grid house power needs. Whether you want to supply power to your lighting system or a small appliance in your wood cabin, this solar power kit also includes all necessary products that are needed for your convenience. This 240-watt solar power kit is most effective when used to supply power to a small wood cabin, and can power up about twenty 100 watt light bulbs or any appliance(s) that use only 2000 watts or less and 120vac. The solar panels are covered in tempered glass to help protect them from hazardous weather. The PV wiring is protected against UV, ozone, water, fluids, salt, oil, and general weathering. Each solar power system comes with a wiring diagram to help you set up.

On the Green Garden site, you will also find a variety of things needed for raising chickens. Whether you are living in an off grid house and need all the essentials to raise chickens for your free range eggs, you will find it here. Some of the things you will find on the site include fully assembled chicken coops, turkey houses, chickens, plastic coops, chicken tractors, and coops for ducks. On the site, you will also find custom chicken coops, baby chicks, chicken supplies and more. If you are new to raising chicken, you will appreciate the free chicken care course 101. This free course is great if you are not sure how to raise chickens but want to learn. The course overviews cover all about the types of housing that chickens need, along with how many chickens are enough for you. The course will also help you determine what kind of chickens you should get and some bonus tips

This cabin wood cabin kit with porch is just one of the products you will find on the Green Garden Chicken site. On the site, you will also find garden and outdoor off grid solar kits, solar and wind, chicken and pet stuff and so much more. On the site, you will also find emergency and RV kits, compost bins and tumblers, greenhouses, rain barrels and more. **

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