Cute little log cabin that any country loving person will drool over...

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A log cabin in the woods is the perfect place for anyone who loves nature. This is one of the small log cabins available to rent through Airbnb an online platform that gives you access to hundreds, if not thousands of different rental properties around the world. People host you at their place, or you can rent out entire houses or cabins like this one all to yourself. The Little Ponderosa Cabin is located in Greer, Arizona a beautiful place to visit and enjoy some relaxing downtime. For Arizona, this area has some pretty nice vegetation. Usually, Arizona is thought of as being very dessert with little to no trees like the ones you see surrounding this log cabin. In fact, the cabin is at an elevation of 8500 which makes it pretty cool in the summer, so you'll need to bring warmer clothing even if you stay there in the summertime. The owners of the log cabin don't live in it, but they do live close by if the guests need anything. There's no cell service out at the log cabin either, but a landline hooked up that you can use during your stay as needed. A log cabin like this is great for unplugging from modern day society for a while and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones.

The Little Ponderosa Cabin is built in the old rustic style with full, round logs and a stone chimney. They also get snow there sometimes, so it's good that it has a metal roof which allows snow to slide right off, so it doesn't put too much weight on the roof. Inside, you can see the round log profile within the house as well. Having the full rounded logs provides the natural insulative properties of a real log which helps to keep the heat within the cabin when it's cold and to keep it cool inside when it's hot. Small log cabins like this are much easier and quicker to heat than larger log cabins as well. So if you're looking at building a log cabin, if you want a very energy efficient option small log cabins are going to be a good choice. You will also save money initially as well on building a log cabin since small log cabins require fewer materials to build. Also inside the log cabin, you'll notice the stone wood burning fireplace which will heat the entire space up nicely.

The living room is open to the kitchen and dining room as well making it a nice place for a family to stay. There's no TV or internet at this cabin though, so bring some of your favourite board games and some cards or a good book. There are also a lot of outdoor activities to do during your stay too like hiking and sightseeing. The kitchen includes a full sized fridge and a full sized oven and stove so you can even make your own meals the entire time you're there. If you're thinking about building your own log cabin, staying in a few different styles and sizes of log cabin will give you a better idea of what you want to build yourself. If you want to build one for vacation purposes, it won't matter if it's a bit smaller either because you may also be outside the whole time too. The Little Ponderosa Cabin would be perfect for a group of friends or a small family going on a vacation together. Enjoy looking through all of the photos to get some inspiration for your next vacation or for your own log cabin designs.***

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