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These tiny house designs might be the answer to the housing crisis and may be a solution to San Francisco's growing homeless population. If you love minimalist design, these chic, sustainable cabin buildings, might be for you, and the best part is that you can order them at the click of a button. You can order a tiny house design by simply pressing Add to Cart on Amazon. This is something that changes the way we look at cabin building and wood cabin designs. This 146 square foot cabin building is priced at $7,590.00 and has free shipping. The wood cabin usually ships within 4 to 5 days but does not ship to Canada. You might choose to use this cabin building for a home office, artist studio or vacation home. Inside you will find contemporary urban styling and is suitable for environments where the classic wood cabin style does not fit, with large windows allowing for an abundance of natural light. The tiny house designs are easy to assemble.

These tiny house designs come from Allwood House and wood cabin kits. The Allwood brand of wood cabins has some of the best tiny house designs on the market, and in a range of sizes, looks and prices. On the lower end of the budget scale is the 110 square-foot wood cabin called the Lillevilla Escape, which is priced at $4,290, plus free shipping. The Lillevilla Escape is a shell of cabin building that is modeled after the simplistic safari tents of the Serengeti. All the building materials are nontoxic, and the Lillevilla Escape is said to be easy to build, though for about $800 you can also choose to hire a contractor to put it together in one day. If the small cottage home is too small for your taste, there is also a 1,800 square-foot Arlanda Garden House which starts at $7,290, plus free shipping. The Arlanda Garden House takes its cues from Japanese tea houses and is sure to tempt wood cabin lovers with its high-quality, naturally stained Nordic wood and its floor-to-ceiling sliding windows. The one-bedroom interior of the Arlanda Garden House has cordoned-off sections that could be used for writing or meditation, with both the kitchen and bathroom plumbing that can be included upon request. It should be noted that while it's technically feasible to build this wood cabin atop a wheeled trailer, Allwood recommends using a cement foundation. This cabin building may work best as a home office or as a guest cottage.

Another option with the Allwood cabin building is the 1,108 square foot, two-story Eagle Point Cabin which costs $46,900, plus free shipping. The Eagle Point wood cabin has a modern-rustic vibe thanks to its Nordic Spruce wood planks. This cabin building is intended as a standalone retail shop or for use as a private residence. The Eagle Point is highly customizable and takes at least 45 days after purchase. If 200 square feet is too small for you, you can take a look at the Goshen Timber Frames' two-bedroom, one-bath handcrafted Osborne wood cabin priced at $59,321, plus $5 shipping. The Goshen Timber Frame has 725 square feet make it as spacious as a San Francisco studio apartment, with tongue and groove decking which promises nights spent looking at the stars. Each wood kit comes with all the sustainably harvested wood panels, insulation and the thick-paned glass windows that you will need. Because of foundation requirements, this wood cabin is not suitable for wheeled trailers, and you will want to think of it as your wood cabin getaway in the woods.

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