Cutest Halloween Treat from the Author of Sweets the Witch

Photo Credit: Sweets the Witch

This creation is the Cutest Halloween Treat from the Author of Sweets the Witch, and one that will touch your heart, too. Sweets the Witch is the creation of the Smiths, a regular American family with two parents and two kids. Except for one thing. Katie was diagnosed with high grade brain cancer a few years ago, in 2012. There was not much to do at the time, but Katie knew she could at least choose to make her life healthier, and her eating habits, better. So she cut out all the sugar she had been consuming, and started following a well balanced and nutritious life style. And she got the kids to come onboard, too. And that is how Sweets the Witch got invented.

Sweets the Witch can switch your kids’ Halloween treats for something else that is not loaded with sugar, such as a toy, or a special play date with a friend. You can now even purchase Sweets the Witch from the linked dealers that include Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This switch is a great way to encourage kids to eat less junk food and consumer less sugar on Halloween, and at other times, too. It raises their awareness (and ours) so that we notice more what we eat and how much sugar it might contain, and then hopefully make better choices with less sugar. The website, Sweets the Witch, also has a page of downloads that the kids can color or paint as they wish, and there are pages of information about the family that created Sweets the Witch and who she is and what she stands for.

This creation is a great alternative to candy on Halloween and might get the kids thinking about all the sugar they eat on that night (and over eat). This message is an important one, especially given the child obesity epidemic that we are now facing in North America. Check out the website soon.

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