Dads Potato Salad

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When you talk about comfort foods, you cannot miss potatoes. This Dad’s Potato Salad recipe is such a wonderful side dish to go with grilled meats or sandwiches. Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable when it comes to good family meals, and you can never run out of food ideas that include potatoes. This potato recipe not only adds a lot of family fun at the dinner table but also happens to be one of the best family recipes to make. Good family meals always leave a longing feeling in us especially if you are away from home. It’s not always just about food. It’s a little more than that. It’s about feelings, memories and emotions. This comforting potato salad will strike that chord in you and get you nostalgic, after all, this recipe is acclaimed by all the dads of the households. Simply put this refreshing, creamy potato salad recipe is substantial and satisfying to all your senses.

Did you know that potatoes are naturally fat-free, gluten-free and cholesterol free? Potatoes are high in potassium, iron, fiber and vitamin c. They contain the right kind of carbohydrates. If you are not a big fan of mayonnaise, you can replace it with healthier options like Greek yogurt. If you are a vegan, go ahead and make this recipe using mashed avocados for dressing the potatoes. Avocados have a velvety, creamy mayonnaise-like texture that adds a great flavour. Hummus is also another wonderful option. There are so many variations to making this delicious Potato Salad recipe that adds a bit more to all the family fun. If you like red, yellow and orange peppers, go ahead and add them to this salad. Throw some greens like kale, arugula and chopped lettuce in it. Add some black beans or chick peas to make it extra nutritious. Adding pineapple bits, peas or fresh corn will enhance the taste and give the salad a pleasant sweetness. Bacon bits or grilled chicken breast are some wonderful meat options. You can also add other meats like shrimp, tuna, turkey bits, ham chunks, etc. Some interesting dressings to add to this salad are Ranch, Italian, Thousand island or French mustard. You can even add spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, Cajun spice, or garlic powder as well.

Although potato salad recipe is easy to make can sometimes turn out too runny if you add too much mayonnaise. The key to getting mayonnaise based salad right each and every time is to add the right amount of dressing. To seal the freshness in the salad, always store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.Thank you to Ashley at the ‘Wishes and Dishes’ food blog for sharing this authentic Dad’s Potato Salad recipe with us. Do check out Ashley’s blog for some of the very best family recipes. Easy, delicious salad such as this potato salad recipe is one of the best food ideas you’ll ever need to make a good meal. Make some today and have it!**

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