Dark Chocolate Potato Chips

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This Dark Chocolate Potato Chips recipe is less of an actual potato chips recipe and more of a fun project that you could do with the kids. You do not make or prepare anything to create this potato chips recipe, but instead just bring potato chips to dip in chocolate. That is the perfect little kids project, and one that they will love participating in. Of course, it also likely means that the kids will eat at least as many of these potato chips as they create, so buy plenty. This potato chips recipe also includes adding additional salt to the chips and chocolate once the chocolate is added in. that will make a very salty potato chip recipe. So you might want to go light on the additional salt. Of course, there are always people who love their foods as salty as possible. One way to meet all the needs is to perhaps make one half of the potato chips recipe with salt, and then leave the other half plain. Either way, do not let the little ones do the salting step for the recipe; they may not have a good sense of what constitutes a lot, enough, or a little salt, and that could spell disaster!

This is a fun, cheap and easy project that you can do with the kids on any day when you just feel like making a sweet and salty treat that they could enjoy, and so could you. You could even just dip a few of the chocolate potato chips, then eat them up, and make only a few more, and eat those up, and so on. So you could make and eat as you go, in a sort of fast food style approach to this fun and sweet treat. It has become quite vogue to put together contrasting flavors for treats, especially sweet and salty, and salted chocolate is a very fast growing and favorite flavor. Another favorite combination for sweet and salty tastes is with caramel. You can make caramel salty by adding sea salt in to the caramel when you make it, or if you are buying the caramel, you can buy already salted varieties, or just sprinkle on your own salt wherever you might be using the caramel as a sauce, spread, and so on.

Chocolate dipped potato chips are an increasingly popular treat that you can now buy in almost any local grocery store. Making them for yourself and the kids at home is much more fun, of course, than just buying and eating them. Choose either dark chocolate or a lighter chocolate (what about a white chocolate) and make this sweet treat for you and the kids.

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