Dark Chocolate Ritz Bars

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Some times it takes just one little trick to make a snack really come to life, and that is what the baker at the web site, Buns in my Oven, has done with these cheap, fast and easy Dark Chocolate Ritz Bars. Check out the recipe, and see what just three little ingredients can achieve for you (or not! You may bake and eat all day!). At least if you stuff yourself on these Dark Chocolate Ritz Bars you can argue that at least the chocolate was dark. Be sure to use at least 70 percent chocolate to get the anti-oxidant effects that come with chocolate.

These bars are almost too easy to make. Let the kids pull them together for you while you take a load off and watch some “Ellen” this afternoon. Or better, take Fido for a walk, and when you get back, treat yourself to what the kids have made up. There is some microwave work, but it is so simple even the youngest can likely handle this recipe. And they will have great fun making it, and feel really good about the trust and confidence you will have shown by letting them make this snack by themselves.

Sweetened condensed milk is one of the ingredients in this recipe. It is great milk that you can purchase when it goes on sale (it is horribly over priced usually) and just keep in a cool dark place. When you need it, be sure to really shake it up, if it has sat for much time at all before you use it. You can also make your sweetened condensed milk quite easily. Google almost any recipe for the product, and you will see that it basically combines evaporated milk, skim milk, or some combination of the two with sugar. You cook the ingredients down to concentrate the flavor, and then you are done. It is quick and easy to do.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others just like it at the website, Buns in my Oven, by following the link below.

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