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With people all over jumping on the bandwagon of living in tiny houses, one author took it upon herself to ask all of the questions all of us secretly ask ourselves when looking at pictures of tiny houses and people living in them. The article is titled, 'DEAR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN FANCY TINY HOUSES Do you ever wake up wondering, “I’ve made a huge mistake?" ' and it is hilarious. Seriously, I admit, I have looked through articles of tiny houses and sometimes I look straight at the photos showing where the bed is, and that is what makes me decide if I could live in that house or not. If there is room to sit up, it passes my test, otherwise, I am just not a fan of those little tiny coffin like cubbies they call the 'loft sleeping space' like it is such a magical place to sleep in.

I have tried sleeping in a loft sleeping space and that's all I did was try to sleep... The ceiling was probably only maybe a foot away from my face, and the ladder totally sucked to climb up and down all the time. So we ended up sleeping on the main floor on the futon most of the time. The 250 square foot home we rented was a great experience, but we would never want to live that small forever.

All of the questions she poses are totally legit! The clothes storage space is non existent really and I do like my clothes and scarves and such! Also, I love to have a bath tub, and you really can't fit a normal sized one in a small space... And they do get really messy really quickly... don't let the picture perfect magazine photos fool you! Have you ever wondered what it's really like to live in a super small space? Could you do it? Head over to 'Medium' to read the full article by following the link in the section below!

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