Death By Chocolate Poke Cake

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Death by Chocolate Poke Cake is a fabulous and moist, filled with chocolate, decadent cake that you simply must make tonight. When you cut a piece of this cake, the moist, dark chocolate that makes up this recipe will have your family drooling for their piece—and quickly returning to ask for another!

This recipe uses dark chocolate throughout the recipe. So the cake is almost black it is so rich in chocolate, and with the poked in chocolate sauce, it looks creamy and delicious. As well, the recipe is made easy by using commercial ingredients and pre-packaged cake and pudding mixes. Together, these choices will make the end result perfect, moist and sweet. Your family will certainly gets its chocolate fix with this lovely treat. This dessert is a good choice for a young baker just getting his or her feet wet in the kitchen. The pre-packaged ingredients make it easy to pull together, and ensure a good outcome. It also gives them the opportunity to learn how to make a poke cake, which is always a useful variety of cake to know how to bake.

This particular cake is topped with chunks of dark chocolate as well, decadently sprinkled over a chocolate whipped topping. The chocolate just does not stop in this recipe. So if you need a little (or big) chocolate fix, try this recipe out. Jamie, the blogger on this site, homeschools her five kids and tests recipes in her spare time. She began cooking when she was very young, and tries to ensure her recipes are fun and family friendly. That is certainly the case with this recipe. Jamie was also featured as a Top 25 Foodie Mom of 2013 in the Circle of Moms list. Enjoy her creation!

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