Decadent Whoopie Pie Cake

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Who would ever say they do not love whoopie pies? They are practically an American tradition; in fact, perhaps they are! Now you can have whoopie pie el grande style, as a decadent whoopie pie cake. Imagine all that chocolate and creamy filling in an entire cake. That is what you have with this entirely indulgent dessert. Make it on a night when you can surprise your family with it after dinner, perhaps in front of the television. They will love you for this dessert.

This whoopie pie cake is made entirely from scratch. The chocolate layer is fabulous, with loads of chocolate and tangy buttermilk in the mix. The middle layer is real cream and cream cheese that creates a tangy and rich filling that your family will love. You can omit the gelatin and water that is combined to help stabilize the whipped cream if you are serving this dish to vegetarians. The gelatin and water blend does do a good job of keeping the mixture rich and thick and stiff, but you can also chill it thoroughly before using it between the chocolate layers. This method is almost as effective. To top if off, the ganache is rich cream and more chocolate. Voila! A decadent whoopie pie cake you can serve up to your family.

Sometimes you just need to make something really delicious. This whoopie pie cake really fits the bill. Your family will love it. It is rich, chocolate-y and delicious. You can serve it any night of the week, or keep it for a special occasion. But get some practice and make it tonight, just for fun. Bookmark this page so you do not lose the recipe, and enjoy it soon.

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