Deep Dish Chocolate Cookie Pizookie

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Have you ever heart of such a thing as a Cookie Pizookie?! Well now you have and now you also can have the recipe for a delicious, Deep Dish Chocolate Cookie Pizookie! Sounds pretty inciting doesn't it? The name is because it isn't really a batch of cookies, its one single cookie that looks like a pizza. This recipe isn't just even the cookie dough baked into a pizza shape, there is actually a gooey chocolate centre that is a glorious spreading of Nutella! Wouldn't that be so delicious?! You would have the yummy cookie crust, all soft yet crunchy on the outside, and then on the inside, a nice hazelnut gooey chocolate centre! So decadent!

The pizookie is made in a skillet, which you then place in the oven, so that it keeps its round shape and so it can be deeper than a normal pizza pan would be, so you get that deep dish kind of pizza that is nice and thick, with thick layers of toppings. The recipe is pretty simple to make as well, and would be a great dessert to just throw together last minute if you feel like a sweet treat after dinner or something. I bet you could even make it on the BBQ in the summer time so you don't have to use your oven. Then you can top it with your favourite ice cream, or a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The pizookie creations started to become more popular when they started being served at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery, which is a deep dish pizza joint in the United States. Then people started to make them at home, because they were so easy to put together and bake in the oven in their own kitchens. Wouldn't you love to try one of these? Head over to 'Cafe Delights' by following the link in the section below for more!

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