Deep Dish Fudgy Oatmeal Bars

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Simple dessert recipes can be ones like this one from Sarah that gives fun food a chance to shine. When you consider all the recipes out there that include chocolate into the equation you will notice that there are more than you can shake a stick at. If you are making any recipe that calls for chocolate do yourself and your diners a favor and use healthy dark chocolate since it has much less sugar and is much better for you all around. If you consider the large amount of sugar

used in most baking recipes then using an ingredient like healthy dark chocolate makes sense.

You must always strive to keep desserts as healthy as possible since they are usually very high in calories and in fat content. Fun food doesn’t mean swimming in sugar and fat but if you keep track of the calorie count you will be doing yourself and your prospective diners a huge favor. Simple dessert recipes are great ways to make a great new recipe but also give you the chance to change any ingredients that are not up to your health standards and the standards you have set for

your kids and significant other. Never be tied to the recipe and the ingredients but treat the recipe as your inspiration to make it both tasty and healthy for you and yours. Oatmeal is a great way to include a healthy ingredient to any dessert. Oatmeal is a high source of fiber, cholesterol lowering and fat burning as well as cost efficient. Given that it is now one of the top ways to naturally lower your cholesterol count, especially the bad cholesterol, many high fiber diets are calling for it’s inclusion and Sarah has also added it to her recipe. This grain that comes from the oat grain or oat groats has been with us for a very long time and has been used by many different cultures to make porridge and there are many varieties that are made into a quick instant oatmeal’s that can easily be made for a hearty and healthy breakfast dish.

Since the 1980’s when doctors discovered that oats are a great way to lower cholesterol this mundane addition to cereals has become the health darling of doctors who include it in their list of great foods to eat for a healthy lifestyle. They are included in meatloaves and hamburger recipes as a natural filler to help in the binding process. There are many great ways to get oats into your system and by including them in bars, cookies and cakes and in so doing you are giving your recipes a healthy kick. Sarah has added them to this recipe and if you add dark chocolate then you are making this dessert recipe a lot better for your diners and they will never know they rare eating healthier. Thanks to Sarah of High Heels and Grills for this yummy Deep Dish Fudgy Oatmeal Bars Recipe that will have you eating better and healthier and bon apetit.**

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