Deep Dish German Chocolate Cake Cookie Skillet

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Does this Deep Dish German Chocolate Cake Cookie Skillet sound like the treat you have been waiting for? Me, too! It has everything that it takes to make me try a recipe out. Chocolate is an essential ingredient in desserts, of course. This dish gets extra easy, though, because it is baked in a skillet. That means not too many dishes and an easy clean up. That pretty much cinches a dish for me. Yummy flavors without too much work are the perfect combination for something that becomes a regular part of my baking itinerary.

German chocolate cake or cookie or anything in-between has certain classic attributes that distinguish it from other chocolate creations. It is made using at least chocolate squares. This recipe has those in spades as well as two other types of chocolate in the recipe just to be sure it is very chocolate-y and that you will be dying to try it out. As well, German chocolate cake is characterized by having a lush coconut and pecan topping. Check. This one is made on the stovetop while the cake bakes. It is a straightforward series of steps that creator, Jen, explains really well. There are also pictures that will help you make a perfect cookie skillet, even if it is your first attempt.

The coconut and pecans are toasted in this particular rendition of the recipe. Be sure to try these flavors out if they are new to you. Toasting certain foods really brings out different flavors and textures that can add to your dessert. As well, this recipe knocks it out of the ballpark by drizzling even more chocolate on top of the cookie and frosting. Little hands can be handy helpers with the drizzling once the skillet cake is done. This dessert will be a chocolate lovers delight, and a dessert your family will come to love.

Baking this German chocolate cake in a skillet will create a slightly crunchy exterior that will contrast beautifully against the soft interior. Pop on a scoop of ice cream or even some whipped cream. Some people may even like straight heavy cream without whipping it. However you enjoy your desserts, be sure to add this one to your dinner list. It will fast become a family favorite.

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