Deep Fried Cookie Dough

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Sometimes you need an easy dessert recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. Everyone has been there, and there is certainly no shame in indulging in something special once in awhile. This deep fried cookie dough recipe is half making chocolate chip cookies, half coating the cookie dough balls in batter and deep-frying. The result is a crispy texture cookie dough bite with a soft interior and melting chocolate chips. Dessert recipes, like this cookie dough recipe, are unique in their preparation but contain flavours that everyone is familiar with. Once they are done, they are drizzled with melted chocolate for a sinfully delicious treat that will make you keep turning back to this deep fried cookie dough recipe.

You may be fearful of frying food in hot oil, but there are a few steps you can take to keep things safe in the kitchen. The first step is not to overfill the pot with oil because the height will rise when dough balls get added, and you don’t want the hot oil to bubble over. Tessa, the developer of this cookie dough recipe, instructs to place oil in a pot up to two inches, which is deep enough to submerge the balls, but not so full that the process of frying becomes dangerous. Another item to note is to keep additional oil near to the stove, since adding extra oil can cool the whole pot if it gets too hot. Also, always fry on a back burner so that it’s not so easy to overturn the pot by accident. As long as you follow these steps and are always careful working around hot oil, you will remain safe, and your cookie dough recipe will turn out perfectly every time.

Another thing you may not like about this fried doughnut recipe is that fried foods have more calories than if they were baked due to the absorption of oil. This fact is certainly true, but by maintaining a high temperature of 360 degrees Fahrenheit for the oil, you can limit how much oil your cookie dough bites recipe absorbs. A candy thermometer should be able to latch onto the side of your pot so that you can have a constant read of the temperature and can adjust the temperature as you fry.

If you are looking for fun food for kids, simple dessert recipes, like these cookie dough balls are excellent, because they are bite-sized and full of chocolate chips, which children love. You may even want to get your kids in the kitchen to help you prepare this decadent cookie dough recipe. They can certainly help prepare the dough and batter; just make sure you take care of the frying. To make this dessert recipe extra fun for the kids, let them drizzle their portions with the melted chocolate. The kids will enjoy dishing up their desserts into restaurant-style presentations. Thank you to Tessa, the author of ‘Handle The Heat’ recipe blog, for sharing her indulgent deep-fried cookie dough recipe with us.**

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