Delicious Pineapple Casserole

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There are many healthy casserole recipes out there and Judy brings us one here. Pineapple nutrients are included in this recipe since pineapples are the main ingredients. This is a great addition to your Friday night dinner ideas. This recipe goes great as a stand on its own late evening snack and is also a great way for you to get fruit into the diets of your favorites diners.

Not everyone is a fan of fruit but since we should have at least two cups of fruit in our daily diets then this and other healthy casseroles recipes should be a great addition to your Friday night dinner ideas planner. Getting kids to eat fruit is not an easy thing and can get quite challenging. If you have a great recipe like this one then getting the pineapple nutrients along with other fruit that is called for into their diet can go a long way in getting them to eat healthier. Making the effort to include fruit into our diets is not hard especially with a great recipe like this one from Judy. Try to disguise fruit in the form of a dessert and the chances that it will be eaten by even the pickiest of diners can be an easy proposition. Never give up and you will find a way to get fruit to the masses.

Pineapples are great since they are tasty and easy to add to most dessert recipes and they are also great on savory dishes like baked ham and glazed chicken as well. This specific recipe also allows for the addition of coconut into the recipe. Pineapples and coconuts are great in dessert recipes and are almost always found growing in the same places and actually go great together.Coconuts are part of the eating culture in many different countries. Being that they are found in the same growing areas means that they are very well together and the mix of super sweet along with the not as sweet makes them a great clash of flavors and textures. They can grow in conditions that are tropical and sub tropical and actually grow well in places with a lot of rain. The word coconut has been linked to Portuguese and Spanish explorers. The story goes that when first viewed by these intrepid explorers they resembled a head that had facial features. The word coco comes from a Spanish word that basically meant head. They are found in a wide variety of countries and because of this they are included in many different food and baked goods. When you cook with the coconut you are joining many others who have enjoyed it for a long time. A fossilized modern type coconut was found and dated to the Eocene period 37 to 55 million years ago. Now that is definitely a long time ago.Thanks to Judy of The Southern Lady Cooks Blog for this yummy Delicious Pineapple Casserole Recipe that gives you the opportunity to get a flavor of the tropics in your own home and bon apetit.**

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