Delicious Salisbury Steak

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A delicious Salisbury steak is a great alternative to hamburgers when you want something meaty and filling but are not really in the mood for just a plain burger. This recipe for Salisbury steak involves different kinds of ground meats and a blend of great seasonings that will make this a very special meal. Of course, Salisbury steak is always served with a gravy that includes mushrooms, and this recipe does that part up in spades. Your family will just love this dinner when you want to take it up a notch or two from ordinary hamburgers. Add smashed potatoes made with garlic, sour cream and yogurt as well as green string beans and you will have a lovely meal for your family.

Salisbury Steak was invented by a doctor in the late 19th century who was looking for something nutritious and mindful of diet for his patients. Thus, the Salisbury steak was born. Remember that we thought about diet rather differently back then, and meat was not eschewed the way it sometimes is today. So this meal was considered a great one. And it still is.

Great meals come from putting together great ingredients, as this site’s blogger notes. So there are a few steps to making this steak a great one. So make sure you double or triple the meat part of the recipe and then freeze the meat so that you can pull it out whenever you want and only have the gravy to make (well, and of course, the potatoes and veggies). This is a full meal that is great on those cold days when you need something to fill you up and help keep you warm. Keep it bookmarked and try it soon.

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