Delicious Sponge Cake

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This recipe is for a classic and Delicious Sponge Cake, some thing that we do not often make any more. Sponge cake, along with Angel food cake, is types of desserts that we too often buy, rather than taking the time to prepare the dish ourselves. And it is too bad. The home made versions—even if they do not rise perfectly—are so superior in flavor as to seem like almost entirely different products from their industrial counterparts. That is because of the eggs that add so much flavor to both of these cakes.

A sponge cake and angel food cake are both quite similar and very different. The sponge cake uses all the egg, both white and yolk, along with a lengthy time beating the eggs very light to achieve its height and spongy character. Angel food cake eschews the yolk altogether, using the height egg whites naturally achieve with beating to help it get its height. Not adding the egg yolks to the Angel food cake makes a surprising difference to the character of the cake, in terms of its texture, color and flavor. The sponge cake has an entirely different flavor characterized by the rich yolk. Both of superb, of course, and when made from scratch, are fabulous served just as is.

Both of these cakes are marks of the true culinary baker. Be sure you master both of these cakes. You will not likely return to buying a commercial version of either one of these lovely desserts once you have made the home made version even once. Let the new baker in the family work with you on one of these two recipes so you can both learn how to make it together. Enjoy this recipe, and make it soon!

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