Delightful Pineapple Dream

Photo Credit: The Country Cook

In the summer time, we crave foods that are light and refreshing. That is what you will find in this delightful pineapple dream, so try the recipe out soon. It is so quick and easy to pull together that even your kids can make it, if you help them with baking the crust. After that, it is a simple matter of blending and mixing. Then refrigerate the whole thing for several hours (if you and the kids can stand it) then pull it out and enjoy. It has the slightly crunchy texture of the graham wafer base contrasted against the creamy and thick cream in the middle flecked with tangy pineapple throughout. Yum in the summer sun.

Pineapple is a wondrous fruit to see growing in the fields. The plant has great leaves that spread out and around to form a thick base. Out of the base a great red, or even purply stem rises that eventually produces the prickly pineapple fruit. It takes about six months for the fruit to be ready to pick, and usually there is only one fruit per plant. Once picked, the fruit stops ripening for the most part, making it a great fruit for worldwide distribution. It also cans beautifully and produces a rich and slightly sweet juice. Like every fruit, pineapples are full of great nutrition, vitamins and other goodness. One unique aspect of pineapple is that it does contain bromelain, an important component for good digestive health. So eating pineapple can help you digest your dinner.

This is a lovely and quick dish that anyone can make. You could even keep all the ingredients on hand, in the event that people pop over unexpectedly for dinner and you are caught with nothing ready made. This dish will do nicely. Try it out soon!

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