Dessert with the FUNNIEST Name Ever! Check it out!

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This recipe is just like a woopie pie! Thank you to Lisa at Flour Me With Love blog. When it comes to dessert recipes, this one will be as fun to say as well as to eat. Every kid on the block will love this Gobs dessert recipe, and come racing over to your house whenever they hear that you are making them. Although the name, Gobs, seems a rather silly name for a dessert recipe, the kids will love it, and think it is hilarious. Gobs will be the treat recipe they will remember with affection as they grow older.When you hear the name Gob, it may remind you of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie with his everlasting gobstoppers. Not that they compare at all but you don't hear the word Gob very often. This baked dessert is also known as a whoopie pie. Whoopie pie recipes are cake like circles and they hold a cream filling in the middle.

This woopie pie recipe has two parts, each of them fairly easy to prepare, although the second part will require more time and attention than the first part. The first part of this woopie pie recipe is a chocolate cake woopie pie recipe. You can choose to follow this recipe that is on the blogger recipe site or you can make up pretty much any chocolate cake woopie pie recipe that you already love. Just as an aside, any variety of cake would work for this recipe. It is just that the classic, Gobs woopie pie recipe, uses chocolate cake. There is no reason you could not use Red Velvet cake recipe, a white or strawberry cake recipe, and so on. Your family may prefer one type of cake over another. In any event, the woopie pie recipe that you choose to make is split into two parts and then baked as layers in a square pan. You could use round pans, but you would waste a lot of the cake, You can also use rectangular cake pans. Once the baking is done, the second part of the woopie pie recipe kicks in.

The second part of this woopie pie recipe involves making the filling for the Gobs recipe. This cream filling recipe is spectacular, although, in this instance, it does not quite follow the classic and traditional filling from which it is derived. This filling is the original French roux icing recipe that is perhaps the very best icing you might ever taste. The original uses all butter, although this recipe calls for one-half of it to be made with butter, and one-half of the fat to be lard. Consider using all butter if you do not care for baking with lard. The result will not be quite as light, but the flavor will be more fabulous. In any event, this original roux is made from blending milk and flour and cooking it on the stove, just as you would cook a roux. Then the other ingredients are whipped in, and the icing is whipped for several minutes, as much as five to eight minutes, until the result is light. You will not believe how good this frosting is, and how great this tastes. Make your family some Gobs today, a truly fun dessert woopie pie recipe.*

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