Ding Dong Cake

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As a kid, I remember the first time I saw ding dongs in the corner store. I wanted them immediately. There was just some thing about the shape that I found really attractive, plus the color was so dark and looked so very delicious. Here is a Ding Dong Cake Recipe that may capture that experience when you were a kid and getting your first ding dong. But this recipe will taste far better than the commercial stuff we gobbled up as kids. And this Ding Dong cake recipe uses a very special filling, one that originates with the French, and was originally used as the topping for Red Velvet Cake, but that was when a Red Velvet Cake was known as the Waldorf-Astoria Cake, after the hotel that claimed to have invented it.

In any case, the cake recipe is very special. It blends multiple chocolates in the cake mix itself. This is always a good sign that you are about to start on a great recipe when the chocolate is layered right in the cake recipe itself. Then, coffee forms another part of this recipe, another good sign. Coffee and espresso are great complements to chocolate cake and really help to underscore and emphasize the chocolate in any dessert. Finally, buttermilk is used as the primary liquid. Buttermilk is a great ingredient that ensures a moist cake (chocolate cakes can quickly become dry when there is too much chocolate, over baking or other issues). Buttermilk also helps to make sure the crumb is tender and moist, too. Vegetable oil is another clue, especially in chocolate cake where there is plenty of chocolate and coffee, that this is a good recipe. In all, expect excellent results, and a fabulously dark color.

The coup de grace for this cake, though, is the filling. This is a roux based frosting that starts with heating the milk and thickening it with flour. Be sure to let it cook for at least one minute to get rid of any pasty flavors the flour might bring on. This mixture must be brought entirely to room temperature. Then the butter and sugar are whipped for a long time to ensure they are light and fluffy. The milk and flour blend is then slowly added in and whipped continually. The result? A light and frothy topping, somewhat resembling whipped cream that is fabulous. Be sure to try out this recipe.

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