DIY Air Freshener Plug Refill

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I love keeping air fresheners around the house. With so many different scents to choose from, each room can smell like something welcoming and different. The only problem with most air fresheners on the market, are the refills. Keep reading to learn how to make a DIY air freshener plugin refill.

Having your home smelling great is essential, but unfortunately the smells we fill our homes with that are supposedly reminiscent of a tropical beach or spring meadow or an apple cinnamon non-fat soy milk pumpkin spice latte delight are anything but natural. Although pleasing, it would be nice to be able to enliven our air with aromatics derived from the actual smells they seek to mimic.

Jessica method is really quite ingenious, and the best part is, you get to customize your own air freshener. The steps are really quite simple. Simply remove the wick from your store-bought freshener, fill the bulb with a small amount of an essential oil of your choice and the remainder with water. You can have fun with the scents and tailor their placement in your home to your needs. Lavender in the bathroom for those relaxing, after dinner baths, citrus in laundry room to help cover up that dirty sock smell, pine in living room to match the coffee table, it's up to you.

Not only is it nice to have control over the smells you are breathing in your own home, it's a nice way to get some extra mileage out of the glass containers that these fresheners usually come in and you can avoid throwing out the plastic and small amount of electrical components that the plug-ins are made out of and that feels good.

To see exactly how Jessica adapts her old plug-in air fresheners and creates a whole range of scent possibilities around her home, follow the link at the bottom of this article to the Mom 4 Real website and get the step-by-step guide.

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