DIY Bird Seed Feeders

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DIY Bird Seed Feeders are a fun and useful thing to make for the winter months. It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding to see the birds gather around to poke and cackle, fly and fight over the yummy treats that you (and the kids?) have created to help feed the wild life over the winter months. The recipe found on the site, Lowes, is a simple recipe that can be configured to feed the birds that are common to your area. That, or try and attract less commonly seen birds to your house by making bird seed feeders that offer those birds the food that they eat. It may be enough to attract the less seen birds over to your bird seed feeder where you can enjoy them.

Either way, a bird seed feeder is a great way to help feed birds during the winter, especially when they might otherwise struggle to find food. This can happen when winters are particularly severe, with loads of snow that might hamper their efforts to reach seeds and other food that gets too deeply buried in the snow for the birds to retrieve. Do pay attention and find out what kinds of birds are in your area. Although there are general types of bird seed feed, if you are aware of specific birds in your area or region, you can create bird seed feeders that are loaded with the exact type of food that they need to fuel themselves.

Winter can be a difficult time for birds. During the spring and summer months, birds can feed from readily available insects and berries, but as winter approaches, and in the winter months, many of these resources have been consumed, are hidden under too much snow to access, and, of course, the bugs and insects are usually dead. Birds actually change their eating habits to accommodate the changing seasons, a survival strategy. As well, they form groupings or flocks to help find food that aids their survival during the winter.

Birds need high calorie and high fat food to help them survive the cold winter. So if you plan to feed the birds be sure to add things like suet and sunflower oil to any recipe that you might want to use to put together a feeder. As well, when you place the bird seed feeder, try to put it in a south or south east facing direction that is protected from the wind and has good exposure to the warming sun shine. In these ways you can help birds survive the cold temperatures and winter. As well, you will have the benefit of watching their hilarious antics at the feeder.

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