DIY Candy Cane Christmas Trees

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Here are some DIY Candy Cane Christmas Trees that will create a great project that you can take on with you and the kids on a day when everyone needs something to do that is fresh and interesting. This is a project that starts with adult hands and can have little hands helping out at various points along the way. The initial shaping of the candy canes and then baking them in the oven to let them melt together to for the Christmas trees special shape is probably something that an adult should do. The candy cane Christmas trees can become very hot and little hands could scald themselves quite easily. So you be sure to do this part of the candy cane Christmas trees for them, and then let them join in to help out with the rest of this DIY Christmas tree project.

After the candy cane Christmas trees come out of the oven, give them a few minutes to cool, and them move them on to a matt. The site shows you how to do this quickly and easily without getting burnt (or without burning anyone else, either). Depending on how big your little helpers are, they may be able to do the chocolate adding step that goes in to the middle of the Christmas trees. Of course, you always have to be sure they do not just eat their way through the goodies, such as the chocolate, but if they are old enough, they can use the liquid chocolate to fill the Christmas trees up (just make sure the chocolate is also not too hot). Once the white chocolate is filled in the center of the DIY Christmas trees, then the real fun begins. The little ones can certainly add the sprinkles, and will have a great time doing it. This step is the last one in this little project that can provide an afternoon of fun for you and the kids. So check it out, and see if that is how you would like to spend your afternoon, but if not, there are other options to check out on this site.

This site, Princess Pinky Girl, and this page in particular, have other great things that you can make with candies and candy canes. There are really neat serving dishes (make sure the kids do not eat them up before you have a chance to even use them), chocolate dipped spoons that are an easy and fun thing to make as well as plenty of other crafty ideas of things that you can create with food (well, candy, really). So enjoy this site for this idea and the ideas that the site has to offer.

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