DIY Campfire Cook Set

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This is a terrific DIY campfire cook set that will be a great purchase if you like to cook outdoors and spend time away in the wilderness. This set is easy to set up and includes equipment that can be used over an open fire to prepare everything from coffee or hot chocolate to a full meal. It is a great way to make outdoor cooking easy.

It can be a real chore to find utensils and equipment that meet the needs of a backpacker or when you just don’t want to bring in a propane tank to do the cooking. That means cooking over an open flame, or not at all. Since most of us plan on fishing and possibly even hunting when we are on extended camping trips, having the option of making a hot meal is one we really want. This DIY campfire cook set may be the answer for you. It allows you to set up a cooking area right over an open fire, but without actually getting in the way of the flames. There are also five pieces of equipment that are included with the set. So it is really helpful when you are planning to set out in to the woods for a few days.

The kit also breaks down easily so you can carry it more readily or even spread the kit’s parts out for different people to manage. Cooking over an open fire carries its own skill set and one that this cook set can allow you to learn and master every time you go out. Sometimes you may want to carry a propane tank just to make things easy, but if you have ever boiled water with rocks or made edible pancakes, fresh fried fish and potatoes, or other meals over an open fire in the wilderness, you know that nothing beats this skill or this experience. Go and check out the website today and watch the YouTube for yourself!

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