DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Photo Credit: The Creative Mom

Who doesn't love a cool DIY project?! Try out this DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Ikea Hack! DIY can be so fun, sometimes a little time consuming and maybe a little frustrating at times, but what thing worth having isn't a little bit of work? There is a new trend in home decor, even the more expensive stores are selling this rustic looking furniture, but obviously with the big prices that come with buying from a store. But there is also another great trend that is happening of making your own, rustic looking furniture, that looks like the rustic furniture you can buy in the expensive store! The best thing is, that you can be proud of making something all on your own, and you save money in doing so!

This is a DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Ikea Hack from Natalie Dalpias from The Creative Mom! Although she and her family don't live on a farm, she loves to decorate with farm like furniture to make their home feel more country style. So naturally, when she needed a coffee table for her family's living room, she decided to make one herself! How awesome and creative is that? She basically just took an Ikea table and put some cheaper 99 cent pieces of wood on top, that she bought from the hardware store and stained. All she had to do was glue the pieces of wood onto the table top, and then screw them in. The result looks amazing! Like it was bought at a store!

This is the satisfaction of making something at home on your own, you get to enjoy it, and know that you created it! You can even say to your friends when they ask where you got this awesome table, you can tell them that you actually made it (partially) yourself! Head on over to 'The Creative Mom' by following the link in the section below for more!

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