DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent Tabs

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Try these DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent Tabs and save yourself a bundle of bucks by making your own! From the first minute they came out on the market, I have wanted to use those cute laundry tabs, but their cost was just too prohibitive for me to even consider buying them. Frankly, my clothes are not worth the cost to clean them that way! But now with so many ways to make my own cleaners, like these homemade detergent tabs, I can have the convenience (and cute factor) of tabs without the huge cost of buying them commercially.

This recipe is really great because it not only shows you how to make detergent tabs, but you can also even make your own detergent. For me that is a great thing because I do a lot of laundry and the cost of detergent, specialized cleaners for stains and things, dryer towels and all the rest of the things it seems we need today to get our clothes clean, really adds up. In addition, too many of these products contain chemicals that I don’t really want to introduce in to the environment, or even my home. Using homemade products allows me control over what goes in and on the clothing we wear and lets me be greener and environmentally friendly to the earth. Saving a few bucks along the way is just more incentive to go green and sustainable, and you can do it too.

Even if you prefer to just use a commercial dry detergent, the rest of the ingredients you will need to make these detergent tabs are likely already in your cupboard. They do not take too long to make at all, and little ones will be fascinated to watch and participate. It can be a great lesson in eco-friendly ways and sustainable products to make. They will love it. Why not try some today?

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