DIY Make Your Own Ice Lanterns

Photo Credit: Alaska Dispatch News

Here is a DIY Make Your Own Ice Lanterns project that you might like to try if you live in a region that is cold enough for an item made from ice to survive outside. Otherwise, these ice lanterns might be one project that is fairly short lived, or at least, that survives only until the ice melts. And that might also be okay. Sometimes, making something that survives only for a short while (think of your pumpkins at Halloween) can have its own very special appeal. And that could be the same for these ice lanterns. On a city block where I once lived, every household decorated its pumpkins very specially and then left the pumpkins out until they had rotted pretty much all the way through. It was a fantastic display from start to finish, watching the bright and plump, uncarved pumpkin at the beginning of October, until the pumpkin got carved up for Halloween, and then watching the pumpkin slowly crumple in to ruin a few weeks later. This project might not last quite as long as the one on this street, but the idea is the same.

In these ice lanterns, you use balloons to create the lantern shapes. Although the photos on the site, Alaska Dispatch News, only shows round ice lanterns, you could likely become quite creative with the size, and shape, of the ice lanterns that you make. This project will probably take a few days to make, especially if you want a thick walled ice lantern. What you are trying to create is an exterior wall of ice that goes all around with a hollow middle where the light goes. This project describes using candles, but it might safer to use electric lights. As well, the lights will probably not heat up as much as the candles likely do, and so the lanterns may last longer.

Projects that help you to create outdoor lighting such as these ice lanterns is wonderful. There are other projects that use simple lunch sacs, the kind made from brown paper, to create lighting that you can use outside, too. There is just something quite beautiful about seeing a light, especially if it is a candle, on the steps or walkways that lead to your home. The snow makes the light both softer and brighter, a kind of welcome to your home that is unique and wonderful to see. So try this project with the kids, but remember it will likely take a few days to work out, depending on how long it takes for the globes to freeze over, as well as just how thick you want to have your globes. Have fun, and take care.

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