DIY natural window screen spray that dissolves dust!

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Learn how to make this easy DIY idea for a natural window screen cleaner, without having to spend a whole lot of money. Cleaning the window screens is usually a job reserved for when the outside of your windows get cleaned. Maybe you have a window cleaner come by once or twice a year to clean the outside windows, and at this time you have to remove the window screens so they can get at the windows. This is the perfect time to also clean the screens, or maybe you need to clean them more then that, especially when there is more pollen in the air them normal and the screens become dirty. Washing the window screens can be a big job, one that usually has to be done outside with a hose, or inside the bathtub with some soap and a soft cloth. Once you try this natural cleaner for window screens, you will be able to maintain the window screens without having to do so much work as you usually do. You will find the full tutorial on the site. The following are just some of the window cleaner screen tips that you can use.

To make this easy window cleaner for your screens, you will need some ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinets. You will need some baking soda, some water and a few drops of some antimicrobial essential oil. The most potent antimicrobial essential oils include clove oil, cinnamon essential oil, bay and thyme essential oil. You can choose one of these essential oils based on what you have or the one you like most. But you can also use other essential oils such as tea tree, lemon, lavender, and lemon. To use this window cleaner natural homemade cleaning product, you will want touse two spray bottles, filling one with some water and baking soda and the other with some water and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Then shake both of the spray bottles up well to use. The full tutorial is on the site.

If the windows aren't clean already, you will want to clean those also as a regular part of your cleaning routine. Because no matter how clean the house is if the windows are still dirty the house will still look dirty too. Keeping the windows isn't always easy, especially if you have kids and pets running around. And many people when it comes time to clean the windows use the standard blue window cleaner, that may be filled with harmful ingredients that you don't want to spray when the little ones are around. Next time you have to clean the windows, which may be more often than not, try reaching for this natural homemade cleaning product. Other window cleaning tips and tricks you might try to clean the windows and glass around your home is to avoid cleaning your windows when the sun is shining which can cause streaks because the window cleaning solutions dry too quickly. To avoid leaving any lint residue behind on the windows, the newspaper trick is one of the best window cleaning ideas instead of using paper towels or cloths. You will want to avoid using newspapers for your window cleaning if you are sensitive to the inks used in the newspaper printing process.

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