DIY Platform Bed with Drawers

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A nice bed frame is a great way to complete any bedroom. Instead of just having a raised bedframe where you can just store things under your bed by sliding them underneath, there is also a way to create a diy platform bed with built in storage drawers in it. this is one of the diy wood projects from Instructables. It's a very modern and sleek look, with a lot of practicality built in. VertDude a member on Instructables created this awesome bed for his teenage daughter, but it would look great in any bedroom. He incorporated 6 drawers into the bed frame so that she would have some proper storage instead of just stuffing her items under her bed. Impressively enough he didn't even have any plans or sketches, and he just designed the project as he went along. But now he's shared his project with us through Instructables so that we can build something just like this diy bed frame with built-in storage. He shows the construction process and the tools he uses but not the dimensions of the project since everything can be adjusted to meet your needs.

First of all, the base needs to be built. He created a nice, sturdy frame for a queen sized bed measuring 60 inches wide by 80 inches in length and he created a 5-inch overhang on the sides and end of the bed. To get the overhang, he made this bed frame to measure 75 inches long by 50 inches wide. He used 2x4s to build the frame, and you can see how he did this in the photos on Instructables. He also built the frame in two pieces so that it can easily be taken apart when his daughter moves out. He shares the step by step instructions with the photos to show exactly how the bed frame is constructed and then he shows how to make the drawers. he created some basic drawers using butt joints instead of dovetail joints. The width of the drawer should be 1 inch less than that of the drawer opening in the bedframe. This is to make room for the drawer slides. He used a thinner, plywood for the drawers to make them light and easy to pull in and out of the frame. He cut 4 equal sized sides for the front, back and sides of the drawer and then a larger piece of wood for the bottom of the drawer. You'll want to use a nice wood for this part of the project. A good tip is to sand all of the insides of the drawer pieces before assembling them into drawers since it's much harder to do this once the drawers are put together. He uses glue and a pneumatic nailer with some finishing nails.

Next, you install the drawer slides which you can get for only around $7 and comes with two pieces, one piece for the drawer and the other one that attaches to the frame. Once all of those are in place, you can then label all of the drawers to their corresponding drawer space. You'll then want to finish the piece with a nice wood veneer. He chose a 3/4 inch Maple veneered plywood for all of the surfaces of the bed. The veneer has a heat activated glue on it for easy application, and you can use an iron to apply it. Once that's all finished, you can then stain and seal the wood to give it a beautiful finished look. Try out this and more diy wood projects and diy ideas from Instructables.***

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