DIY Project: How to Build a Murphy Bar

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Does your patio become a part of your home during the warmer months? If you enjoy spending time out on your patio but don't have a lot of space, you many be interested in implementing some cool diy ideas into your home design. This is one of the cool diy ideas from eHow, a how-to website with thousands of diy projects and diy ideas available for free. This is a great place to go if you want to learn to do anything yourself. From cooking, to simple things like how to tie knots or how to fix things around the house. You can learn so much just from one simple website. Each of their diy tutorials takes you through the process step by step with photos all along the way to depict how you're supposed to be doing it. The how-to tutorials and diy ideas are posted by people just like you who share the process behind different processes. It's so great that we have the internet where we can learn how to do basically anything just by doing a simple search. You could even learn how to cut your own hair through eHow if you wanted to.

This is one of the diy wood projects you can put together in a very short time, it's called a Murphy Bar, and much like a Murphy Bed, it folds away from the wall revealing a beautiful table or shelf where you can place all of your beverages or even use as a mini table to eat on or play cards on. If you love gardening, you could even use this as a gardening table too. The table could also be built inside if you need a table like this indoors for a space saver. This Murphy Bar even has some shelving in it which is super handy for storing bottles and cups or if you're using it for other purposes, other tools or supplies. First of all, you build the box that will create the shelf that stays up against the wall. There are 5 shelves in total including the top of the wall bar, and then the front folds out to reveal the other 4 shelves and to be used as a table. There are also legs that you'll create that fold down to support the table top making it even stronger than before.

The diy tutorial lists out all of the materials you'll need to make this wall bar, and you can print out the list to take to the hardware store to purchase everything. That way you won't forget anything you need for this project. You can get the people at the hardware store to make all of your cuts for you to make it easier when you get back at home, but if you have a saw, you can easily do it yourself. One of the tips on eHow is to get cedar wood for any outdoor diy wood projects you make. Cedar is best used for outdoor furniture because it has a natural resistance to rot and bugs and it also won't warp or sag over time. You can leave it unfinished, and it will naturally weather over time. Once you build the box shelf, you then build the table top and the support frame. Then you make the legs for the table and attach them with hinges. The table top is then attached to the box frame with hinges as well making it really easy to fold out. You mount the shelf on the wall with sturdy L-brackets into studs, and you're good to go. Enjoy this and other diy ideas from eHow.***

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