DIY Sandbox with Fold-Out Seats

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Kids don't need too much to stay entertained, especially when they are playing outdoors. This DIY Sandbox with Fold-Out Seats would definitely be a hit at any household. With all of the indoor focused toys and activities kids have these days with iPads and computers, its nice to encourage them to play outside more. Do you remember playing in a sandbox when you were a kid? Maybe you even had one of your own. A sand box is one of the most fun at home activities for kids to enjoy outside. Who would have ever thought that a simple box filled with sand would be able to fill so many hours of imaginative fun. Kids get into their sandbox and play with the special sandbox toys or with other toys from their collection and have a hard time leaving when they need to come in for some dinner.

Crystal, who is the voice behind the Mrs Happy Homemaker blog, shares this great tutorial to create fun at home activities for kids. She found the project on another blog and decided that her kids needed to have one so she decided to build one. The design is fairly simple as it is just a box shape created out of wood, and then filled with sand. But the best thing about this sandbox is that it even has a lid on it. Lids are essential when you have a sandbox at your house. The lid prevents the sand from getting wet in the rain and blowing around in the wind. The lid for this particular sandbox is extra special though because it includes built in seating when you open it up. So your kids will have seating right in their own sandbox. The lid is on hinges which makes it easy to open and close as needed.

Crystal found the plans for this awesome sandbox on Ana White's blog. Over on her blog, Ana explains how to make the sandbox with detailed instructions and a great material list with everything you will need as well as measurements. You can have the employees at the hardware store to cut the wood to the proper lengths for you as well. Before you know it, you will have built a great sandbox that your kids can enjoy for years to come. You can find the sand to fill it at a gravel pit where they sell different types of filler materials for landscaping. When it comes to fun things for kids, a sandbox is just about as fun as it gets, there are so many activities for children to do while in a sandbox. They can make sandcastles of course, they can draw in the sand, or they can play with their dolls and figurines and pretend they are in the desert walking over sand dunes. On the Mrs Happy Homemaker blog you will find other great activities and fun things for kids as well as some really practical homemaking advice.*

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