DIY Simple & Stunning Living Succulent Wreath

Photo Credit: Pretty Prudent

This DIY simple & stunning living succulent wreath is a stunning addition to your home décor, and does not need to be expensive to make. Website bloggers, Jaime and Jacinda bring you this method to create a wreath for your living room, dining room or any other room in the house where you might want to put it. The wreath costs only a few dollars and is made with materials that you can find at your local craft and hobby store. The end result looks like a million dollars, and will be worthy of a central location in your home.

Jaime and Jacinda work with plenty of other people on their website to produce some amazing food, crafts, and plenty of other interesting things you might want to check out. Their website has sections on parties and entertaining, beauty, fashion, the ever-popular kids, travel and home. So this site can probably answer most of your questions about just about anything.

The neatest thing about this current project is that you could choose to pay a small fortune for this living wreath made from succulent plants or you can use the directions from this website and create your own version. That way you also get to set the plants where you want them, and choose your favorites to include on the wreath.

This wreath could make a great housewarming gift, birthday gift, or gift for many other celebrations. It is stunning to look at, and continues to give as the plants grow and bloom. It is easy to make and easy to care for, too. Little helping hands can work with you to place the plants and give advice on how many to place on the wreath. It is not difficult to make once the materials have been purchased and it’s so cost effective you may find yourself making more than one. Certainly, after your friends and family see the first one you create, there will be lineups of people asking you to make one for their home. Why not check out this wreath today?

Find out how to make this lovely wreath and many other things at the website, Pretty Prudent, by following the link below.

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