DIY Spinning Nerf Targets Cardboard Toy

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This toy is so much fun to make and play with it will have you laughing the whole time you put it together and once you starting competing with it. This DIY Spinning Nerf Targets Cardboard Toy will bring plenty of laughs to your family. This project can definitely involve everyone from the littlest kid on up.

There are so many ways to approach this project. You could do it yourself on a Friday night and surprise everyone with the game on Saturday morning. The kids would totally love you for doing something like that.

It might be even more fun to suggest the target toy to the kids and see if they�d like to help you build it. The whole thing about this toy is that you can make the whole thing from stuff you likely have around the house.

The toy�s designer, Sarah, a mom of four boys and one daughter, suggests a poster board for the backdrop for the target toy, but a large plain cardboard box will work just fine. The rest of the materials you likely already have on hand.

Designing, coloring and painting the targets could be a lot of fun. Kids could cut out magazine elements and glue them in place, draw pictures and color or paint them and then glue them in place, or do any number of other things. You might choose a theme, something along the lines of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ninjas or any other action figure the kids like. The possibilities are endless.

This toy is eminently affordable for every family. The fun is innocent and can be friendly-competitive. It is a great game for both boys and girls, who can play together here, and pretty much any age group can participate. There is nothing toxic or even difficult about putting this DIY nerf target together.

It is a double bonus toy because you can build it as a family, choose a theme, colors, design, layout and all other parts together and then have fun playing it together. It is not a heavily physical game, but it gets everyone off the couch and either playing in the play area or even outside on a nice day. Why not try it tomorrow?

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