DIY Wood Floor Made from the ends of 2x4's - what do you think??

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Are you thinking of redoing the floors in an area of your home? If you're up for trying something unique, this diy wood floor could give you some ideas for your own renovations. Flooring is an essential part of any home design, and choosing the type of flooring you'll lay down in your home is exciting. It can also be quite expensive too. Depending on the area of floor you need to cover and the type of flooring you're after, you could be looking at more than a couple thousand dollars to get the job done. There are, however, some great diy ideas you can implement into your home design that will save you money and look amazing. One of diy ideas featured on Goods Home Design gives us a very innovative, yet old fashioned way to create some unique flooring in your home. This design idea comes from Cartolina, a lovely shop located in Nelson, British Columbia, filled with beautifully designed paper products; handmade perfumes, colognes, soaps, leather bags and so much more.

Fiona and Doug Jones brought this vibrant store to life a few years ago when they bought a piece of Nelson's downtown history. The building they purchased actually used to be a miner's hotel known as The Tremont Hotel. Built in 1891, the building has undergone many different renovations all of which the owners peeled off layer by layer to reveal the beauty of the original architecture. They decided to build a new workshop at their studio using an old fashioned flooring technique known as End Grain Block Flooring or Wood Grain Flooring. Essentially this style of flooring is made up of slices of lumber cut end to end to make the wood bricks. This style of flooring has been used for years, especially in factories in the 19th century as it was a very affordable and sturdy flooring choice. There are also outdoor streets that make use of this technique as a way to pave roads. There are wood block streets in Victoria, BC and in Montreal, Quebec in Canada and also in places in Europe.

The creative couple made use of some beams they had left from another home design project to create the floors in their studio. Doug made 850 or more wood bricks out of 3-inch by 7-inch blocks that he cut to be three-quarters of an inch thick. He then glued the pieces of wood one by one to the plywood floor using a special flooring adhesive. After the glue had all dried, he then put a coat of Watco oil stain, and once that dried, he also added on two coats of an oil-based clear finish to complete the look and seal it properly. You'll probably agree that the finished result looks beautiful. It's got a hint of rustic style, and it's also very modern too. If you're interested in diy wood projects, this could be one you could give a go in your own home. You could choose a smaller room in your home to try it out in like your laundry room or even an office. You could source some recycled wood to make your wood tiles out of to keep the cost low and do all of the work yourself. It's a great way to create a unique looking floor that has a story and some personality behind it. There are companies who sell flooring like this too, but you can make your own tiles and install it yourself for a fraction of the price. Share this cool home design and diy ideas so other people can see how great these floors look.***

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