Do you dream of living in Hawaii? This Cute tiny house on wheels is a great option

Photo Credit: Habitats Hawaii

Tiny houses are taking over, and now they are even in Hawaii. A tiny house on wheels would actually be perfect on one of the islands of Hawaii. It could be moved around to different locations to enjoy then entire island. Plus, the weather there is so beautiful that most people are outside all day long anyway, so the need for a large house isn't that high. Hawaii can also be quite expensive, so having a tiny house on wheels is the perfect option for those who want to live on the islands of Hawaii for less. This tiny house design is from the company Habitats Hawaii run by two women Barrie Rose and Johanna Tilbury who both have a love for tiny house design and sustainability. In pursuit of their goal to help others become more sustainable, they have joined forces to design tiny houses and to build them too. The Hale Maluhia is one of their custom designs. The client chose to use as many sustainable products as she could including the recycled plastic carpeting for the outside portion of the tiny house. Inside the home incorporates a great product known as American Clay, which is all natural and environmentally friendly. It's a plaster that is made in the US, and it's non-toxic, a great alternative for drywall.

Hale Maluhia means House of Peace and the home definitely feels peaceful inside and out. They even designed a bed that pops out to give the option of sleeping on the main floor of the tiny house. Some people prefer not to sleep up in a loft, so this gives them the option of not having to. The bed also doubles as a comfortable couch in the daytime too, and it's always good to have a few pieces of multifunctional furniture in your tiny house design. The tiny house design also features a nice little bookshelf to store books and other items on in the home. Another great thing about this tiny house design is the porch outside that's attached to the home. It doubles the living space of the home so the dwellers can enjoy an outdoor living room space. The bathroom for this tiny house is located outdoors, and there is an outdoor shower as well. That's another reason why Hawaii or anywhere that's warm year-round would be perfect for tiny house living.

The Hale Maluhia is completely off-grid right now in the countryside of Kona on the Big Island. It's powered by solar panels, and all of the water is catchment. This means that the owner pays no mortgage and has no utility bills either. This gives her time to focus on enjoying her life and living it to the fullest which is the reason most people choose to live tiny. Of course, a tiny house on wheels is also a more sustainable option than living in a large home that requires a lot of energy to heat and power. Tiny houses also require fewer building materials when it comes to building them, so they are also environmentally friendly in that way as well. A tiny house on wheels requires a quarter of the building materials used to build a conventionally sized home of around 2,000 square feet. So even though the price may seem like a lot up front, it costs far less to build a tiny house on wheels than it does to build a conventional home of a larger size. Plus, it costs less in the long term as well especially if you make your tiny house completely sustainable and off-grid. Check out this and other designs from Habitats Hawaii.***

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